Why Santas’ Marketing Works Better

So you think you might want to start your own blog, huh? Well, why not, it seems like just about everyone has one these days. Except you…maybe you thought blogging was just something computer geeks did, or maybe you’ve been a little intimidated by the unknown. I know that’s how I felt, until a friend showed me what to do and how easy it was. Now I’m a blogger – a beginning blogger – but a blogger nevertheless. Whatever the case, if you are reading this article, then you must be interested in starting your very own blog. So consider yourself a beginning blogger, because you have just stumbled upon the person that will help you start your blogging adventure!

Blogging can really be done in 3 simple steps. So to get you started we’ll look at what these steps are and give you enough information to get you started blogging.

Startup nation has a lot of information regarding starting up a new business and also has a lot of information regarding home businesses inside of just the general idea of starting a fresh business.

Avoid going too far in such a short span of time. Just dip your toes into the water with something small. Use these smaller opportunities to discover what you should be doing and not doing as you grow. For example, get going with an easily marketable affiliate product. Don’t try to make your own product or set up your own affiliate program when you get started. blogger of your own before you start your own subscription based online magazine. This will allow you time to actually get a taste for something before committing yourself completely and then realizing that you hate the field you’ve picked.

Next… the elusive, intimidating ‘platform’. The platform is all-important. Your platform is comprised of any credentials and connections that you have that will sell your book. Publishers don’t want to take on a book that is un-sellable. They want to know what is special about you that will sell books. Consider your platform carefully. Who do you know and how to start a blog many people do you reach doing what you do? Do you speak in circuits? Do you have an enormously popular blog? Typically, unless you have a gigantic hook, agents and publishers alike will not even consider you without a platform. I told you the publishing world was harsh.

Join forums. Forums are a great way to meet people and engage in discussions about almost anything under the sun. Search the Internet for home business forums or just any forum that allows you to make posts about what you are doing.

But if you are an affiliate just starting out, the chances are some of you simply don’t have that type of money, and guess what, you do not need to either. You can access some great mlm marketing training out there for less than 50 bucks let alone hundreds or thousands. Some of the training available to you may only come for that low price, BUT the training itself can be bloody fantastic! I mean you can have access to some great audios, videos, step-by-step tutorials and tools that have the RAW POWER to completely EXPLODE your business if you was to just take advantage of them.

Explore sites like Hits4Pay where you will need to read promotional emails and visit advertised websites. The work is not taxing; and though you may feel the amount of money you get per click is small, remember your investment is nil. Gradually you will get busier and find you are actually making a regular income. Join an online payment processor such a PayPal or Liberty Reserve in order to receive your payments online.