Estate: Afraid Of Losing Your The Home Of Medicaid?

Competition is hard out there, especially in the healthcare industry. With this economic climate, we are all hunting to vanquish fierce rivals for our client’s organisation.

Yvette Harris, a 50-year old nurse from Milwaukee, billed the Medicaid program for 136 days worth of in-Senior Home Care Agencies in New Jersey provided between June 2010 and April 2011. The only problem was Harris was not hired to supply the care.

If you see a waxy discharge and the canine has little or no pain you can dissolve the waxy build up with warm (not hot) olive oil. Put olive oil in a glass and set the glass into warm water for a couple of minutes. Test the oil to see that it is not too hot. Use an eyedropper and put a couple of drops into the ear canal and gently massage.

Harris’s sentencing hearing is arranged for May 16. She home care services might be fined approximately $35,000 and deals with up to 6 years in jail following her conviction for felony theft and fraud of the Medicaid program.

When occurrences like this occur, it is best to remain involved. As unpleasant as this was, I held the staff and the administrator liable. Luckily, the director of nurses and the administrator seldom had direct contact with my dad.

12. What, if any, medication does your loved one take? When to take them and how much to take (dosage), be sure to note all medications and keep a schedule tracking.

In house care is becoming more prevalent throughout the United States. It frees you from making the decision for your loved one to go to a nursing facility. When you have competent home care, Life can in fact go on pretty much the same as before.