8 Secrets To Fill Your Business In 60 Days

I have been in sales and marketing for over three decades. I have worked for the best of the best: IBM, Ford, United Airlines, Federal Express and GM. I have watched these companies ignore the little guys and fall flat on their faces, to the relentless attack of the guerrilla tactics of what I call street fighting.

I think one of the easiest and least expensive businesses to set up is a coaching business. You can do it from home, not a lot of online startup fees. There are some of course, there always are. Do you have a phone? Do you have a computer? Then you are ready to rock and roll and know your financial future is safe in your hands. Will it makes you tons of money over night? Of course not. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ program.

As you grow older, take less risk.As your net worth increases, take less riskMost people think buy and hold strategies are the least risky strategy available. They are wrong. Buy and hold exposes investors to massive swings in the valuation of stock market.

3) Video Marketing – You Tube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. This method comes in at number three of the five free marketing methods for your online business. With a presence like that you tech startup can ensure traffic to your website by posting videos. Of course this is only free assuming you already have some kind of video camera. The idea is to promote your business in short 2 or 3 minute videos that quickly and efficiently gets your point across. This is a simple process that can produce leads for your business for months or years.

The Settings tab is the most important in my opinion. You can change your screens resolution, color quality, and all of the options related to your graphics card. Setting the appropriate resolution is very important and can determine how clear you see online startup your PC’s text and graphics.

Be sure to decide on a logo that is adaptable no matter what medium it is portrayed on. A logo must look good on a billboard, a TV commercial, a business card, a sign, a brochure, etc. Therefore, keep the KISS principle in mind, so that the logo can be resized easily. Keep in mind that your logo should also reproduce well in black and white.

But it can take time, especially if your budget cannot stretch to pay per click campaigns or if you want to learn while you earn and cultivate your prospects through educational articles such as this one. Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to an online business, and with online marketing you must be patient. If you see results, and by that I mean traffic to your site, you must stay focused and continue with what is working. By all means add perhaps one or possibly two other forms of lead generation, but don’t spread yourself too thinly or lose your focus as you will invariably struggle to achieve the numbers you need to succeed.

You also need to market your services 24/7. Just because you’ve built a Web site or placed an ad doesn’t mean clients can easily find you and will come knocking on your door.