17 Ways To Make More Money And Boost Your Business With A Published Book!

What I find interesting is just how under estimated LinkedIn is. The more popular Facebook, Twitter, YouTube get all the hype and attention while this gold mine quietly sits and grows and grows. My guess is that because it is a professional networking site it doesn’t have the universal sex appeal of the others, but a savvy sales and marketing executive knows – or should know the power of LinkedIn.

Nobody like a wise guy. Resist the temptation to make your content too smart. Don’t write over the prospects head. Don’t lecture or talk down to your visitor. If you’re lucky you’ll just bore your customer, but if you make your visitor feel frustrated, confused, or stupid you’ll only aggravate the fear factor. Dumb it down a little for us normal folks. We really don’t care about the details. If we understood what the heck you were talking about we wouldn’t need you in the first place. We just want you to git-‘er-done so we can back to running our lives and businesses.

Before I venture into some of the lead generating activity suggestions, please spend some time on your profile and settings. Make sure that your profile is complete, that you are incorporating keywords in your titles and descriptions, and above all, make sure that you describe yourself in a way that clearly delivers the value in knowing you!

Make cold calls on developers, solicitors, Accountants Stoke Newington, and architects. They all have an interest in commercial property and will have clients that need help from time to time.

One who practices accountancy is an accountant. He/she is a practitioner with a thorough knowledge on accounts and tax, work on genres like that of tax and investment. And they further provide help to individuals or a group in keeping a tab on their financial threshold.

Since 2005, on the top 10 list of college majors you can find accounting. I fact it was number one. But today it has fallen off the top ten list but look out. Especially now with a bad economy and all the recent company failures like Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and more made selecting college majors like accounting a no brainer. Don’t be surprised if in the future it will become number one again.

Don’t be shy. If you have a question, but don’t ask, you will never know the answer. We are here to connect people with questions to people with answers.

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